Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Post - Holidays Salad

Here's a photo of the delicious salad I made just as I was emerging from the New Year holidays and getting prepared to go back to work.  I wanted to make something that made use of what was left over from Christmas and here's what I had:

The only thing I bought was the mushrooms , which were pretty much the only vegetable for sale in the local shop on the 2nd January.

I sliced the mushrooms and cooked them in a bit of oil and a pinch of Marigold bouillon powder, adding the red pepper later. The pear was perfectly ripe - I don't think I've ever had Blue Shropshire cheese before ; it tasted amazing with the pear. The nuts were just cracked open and scattered on top - couldn't be bothered to chop them up, so they look a bit odd! I did use a bit of  honey and mustard dressing from a bottle.
Cute but impractical 
I really enjoyed eating this salad because the cheese made it more substantial and the warm mushrooms made it quite comforting but there was also a bit of fruit and veg in there to make it seem a step away from the alcohol and chocolate diet I've been following!

I'd like to  link up with No Croutons Required, hosted by Lisa's Kitchen  and Tinned Tomatoes .

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  1. That sounds wonderful. A creative combination of flavors. Thanks for sharing with NCR.