Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Packed lunch - Salad

As most people are, I am feeling a bit gross after consuming my body weight in Christmas pudding. As Christmas is well and truly over, it's time to put down the trifle and eat some salad!

I have been a bit stuck for ideas of tasty & interesting meals to take to work keep me going on a 12 hour shift & to stop me snacking on the abundance of biscuits, chocolates and toast. Here is one of my favourite.

Roasted butternut squash & feta salad

The butternut squash was roasted in calorie controlled spray with a small amount of salt & pepper as well as some paprika.

Once cooked, allow to cool thoroughly and place on leaves. I have used baby spinach only here although I think rocket would also work well.

Crumble in (reduced fat) feta cheese and chopped walnuts & drizzle with balsamic vinegar.


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  1. Looks yummy Naomi. And congrats on your first post.