Monday, 2 March 2015

Naomi - 10 years in cakes

Connor turns 1 
Disastrous Victoria sponge

Above is possibly the first cake I ever made. A dry, crumbly & burnt Victoria sponge that I slaved over for my son's first birthday. It was a mess. I think it's fair to say that I am not a natural baker. Dispite this, it hasn't stopped me from trying.

Over the years I have gone on to make an aray of birthday cakes for my children  & family. Here are some of my favourite...

A chocolate panda cake for a friends birthday

A gluten, soya & dairy free sponge bob square pants cake for my friends son.

A four layered Spider-Man cake for my baby brother.

A chocolate mousse cake Hummingbird Bakery recipe - my son's cake last year (the tastiest cake I have ever made in my opinion)

Although I have pulled off some lovely cakes... There have been some total disasters. The most memorable one was this...

An attempt at a flourless chocolate cake.

A massive gooey mess (it tastes fantastic though). I still haven't worked out what went wrong! 

Connor turns 10
Lemon, white chocolate & raspberry cake

For Connor's birthday this year, I decided to try my own adaptation of a tried & tested recipe...

I made a lemon cake from a recipe that my mum gave me years ago & it has always been a hit.

To make it a bit more special, I added some flavours which I thought might work. 

Once the cake was cool, I split it into half. Inside I started with a thin layer of lemon curd, this was topped with some white chocolate buttercream (the recipe is here, followed by some halved fresh raspberries and then sandwiched with a layer of raspberry jam. 

The cake was then coated in a thick layer of the white chocolate buttercream & decorated with fresh raspberries, large milky way buttons & white chocolate stars.

Happy birthday 

The flavour combination was lovely although the cake could have benefited from being a bit thicker to allow for a more even distribution of topping/filling to cake. If I was planning to make this cake again I would double the size of the cake mix to allow for this. 

Overall the cake was a hit. The birthday boy gave it 10 out of 10!

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  1. Yes, I think this year's cake was the best flavourwise - a bit unusual and very moist (which is good!).