Sunday, 1 November 2015

Mum's Apple tree

My mum has 2 apple trees in her garden. One is an eating apple tree (who's small sweet apples are a hit with my 5 year old son) & the other is a cooking apple tree.

This year the cooking apple tree has yielded loads of lovely apples which I have been making the most of! 

I have made apple cakes before & often found them a bit stodgy and dense so I decided to seek out a new recipe. I came across a BBC Good Food recipe for Dorset Apple cake.

This recipe was really tasty and light. Perfect warm with custard & also went down well with a cup of tea the following day when a friend popped over for a catch up. 

It was such a success I almost forgot to get a photo! 

Following on from the success of the Dorset apple cake, I decided to try something similar with cupcakes for a family Halloween party.

The recipe this time was for toffee apple cupcakes and was found at Red Online.

Now, the recipe here was not easy to follow & was riddled with typos. The writer had not taken the care to split up the ingredients into the different elements of the cupcakes which led to some confusion while I was baking. The quantity of frosting was also double what I used (& as a result I now have a large bowl of green icing in my fridge!). I had planned to pipe grass with the green cream cheese frosting but it was too soft & would not have held its shape. Instead I used a pallet knife to ice the cakes (rather rustically) & topped them with card gravestones and witches legs. Mum made the cake toppers for me & I think they looked good! 

The cakes were a hit & devoured quickly.

Having just a handful of apples left that needed eating up, tonight I decided to do some more baking. My barriers - I've run out of eggs and butter. 

I found a recipe for shortcrust pastry online ( and substituted the butter for margarine. Once I had lined the dish I filled it with peeled, slices apples coated with cinnamon and light brown sugar, and poured over the remaining caramel sauce (left over from the Halloween cupcakes) which I had added salt to.

It looks a bit messy but it tasted lovely with warm custard. 

The tinned caramel sauce is delish (despite it being Nestle!)

I should start researching more apple recipes now as I know mum still has a massive bag of apples sat waiting in her conservatory! 🍏

N 🍏

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